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DAP Fertilizer

DAP Fertilizer

Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) is a compound fertilizer used widely in the agricultural industry

The effort vastly improved the company’s DAP fertilizer is an excellent source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus for plant nutrition.

It’s highly soluble and thus dissolves quickly in soil to release plant-available phosphate and ammonium. A notable property of DAP is the alkaline pH that develops around the dissolving granule.

DAP is manufactured by reacting Ammonia with Phosphoric acid under controlled conditions in fertilizer plants. It is a very popular fertilizer because of its excellent physical properties and nutrient content. It is free flowing, dust-free and does not normally give any storage problem.

Non-agricultural uses:

DAP also acts as a fire retardant. For example, a mixture of DAP and other ingredients can be spread in advance of a fire to prevent a forest from burning. It then becomes a nutrient source after the danger of fire has passed. DAP is used in various industrial processes, too, such as metal finishing. And, it’s commonly added to wine to sustain yeast fermentation and to milk to produce cheese cultures.


Row Test Name Test Result Unit
Nitrogen Content
% (wt)
Biuret Content
≤ 1
% (wt)
≤ 0.5
% (wt)
Particle Size

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