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Ammonium Chloride Powder

Product Name: Ammonium Chloride
CAS No.: 12125-02-9
Country of Origin: China
Apperance: Granular

Ammonium Chloride Powder Code
Product Name Ammonium Chloride
CAS No. 12125-02-9
Country of Origin China
Apperance Granular
Detail Show of Ammonium Chloride Powder


Ammonium Chloride Powder Specification
Items Supergrade
Some items are superior to the National Standard
NN4CL (as dry basis), % 99.5 min
Moisture % 0.5 max
Residue in ignition % 0.4 max
Fe % 0.0009 max
Pb % 0.0005 max
SO4 % 0.02 max
PH value % 4.0-5.8
With anti-caking agent
Ammonium Chloride Powder Application

1. Used in dry cell, dying, tanning, electrical plating. Also used as welding and hardener in molding of Precision castings.

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