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Products Description

Phosphate one of the top 3 nutrients of the total 17 nutrients group.

Phosphorus is presented in plants and animals cells .

Essential to all plants for harvesting the sun’s energy and converting it into growth and reproduction. In plants, also P is an essential part of sugar phosphates.

Phosphates are lost from soil through repeated harvesting activities.

Adding phosphate helps produce healthy, dark green plants and enhances transfer of energy within cells, which stimulates early plant growth and maturity.

Phosphate is important in the diets of livestock as well. Phosphorus and other nutrients are required for bone strength and the production of muscle.

Products Usage

Granular Rock Phosphate consistency makes it dustless, very dense material that flows well and can be used through any type of spreading equipment.

Suitable for all agricultural crops.

Products Standard
P2O5 25%min
Total Citric Acid Solubility P2O5 35%min
Moisture 6%max
Sizes from2-5mm=90%
Hardness >2.5kg
Origin Egyptian
Packing 50kg..
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