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Sodium Formate

Molecular Formula: HCOONa
Apperance: Powder
Delivery: FOB
Country of Origin: China

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Sodium Formate Code
Molecular Formula HCOONa
Country of Origin China
Density 1.92g/cm3
Apperance Powder
Category Chemical 


Detail Show of Sodium Formate 

Sodium Formate Specification
Sodium Formate 90%min
NaOH 1%max
Na2CO3 2%max
NaCl 3%max
Na2S 0.1%max
Moisture 1.5%max
Packing In 25kg wpp bag
Sodium Formate 95%min
Other organic matters 5%max
Fe 5PPM max
NaCl 0.5%max
Moisture 2%max
Packing  In 25kg wpp bag
Sodium Formate 98%min
NaOH  0.3%max
Na2CO3  0.5%max
NaCl 0.5%max
Moisture  0.5%max
PH  7-8
Packing In 25kg wpp bag
Soudium Formate application

 Use: 1 Printing and Dyeing( Reductant).

         2. Leather processing (Tanning).

         3. Oil drilling,Snow melting.Manufacture formic acid, oxalic acid and sodium hydrosulfite.

         4. Building(To speed up the rapid solidification cement concrete

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